Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators

Kauricone is pleased to appoint OSS-Group as a Systems Integrator for Kauricone Servers

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"There is a genuine case to be made for putting ARM in the datacentre assuming your applications are portable onto ARM," said OSS Group managing director Ian Soffe, who has known Milne since the early 1990s.

A lot of off-the-shelf applications may not be portable but for organisations developing and running their own applications or for open, portable and microservices-based applications, ARM fitted the bill.

"There are heaps of use-cases that people could put these things to," Soffe said. "The market is in a time of transition and IoT is a good example on top of that where people are finding new ways of doing things."

Kauricone's IoT server is designed to collect and process data from a wide array of industrial sensor and image capturing devices.

Soffe said if a customer was looking for an edge device to do data collection and maybe some on-site calculations remote from the datacentre then, with the right software and integrations, Kauricone's small footprint IoT server with its low power draw fitted such use-cases.

While RFID tags were being used to track livestock movements, for instance, IoT backed with low power draw distributed servers could be deployed with cameras to gauge and monitor the quality of pasture and to guide management with actionable data, Soffe suggested.

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