System Programmer

System Programmer

System Programmer

A Fast Computer Programming Language

Fastest to Design

Fastest to Develop

Fastest to Debug

Fastest to Deploy


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Progam size is limited to 100 lines


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Programming is all about Collecting Data, Processing Data, Providing Data

Kauricone have meticulously unravelled programming techniques to make it simple, logical, and productive to program computers

At Kauricone we are striving for efficiencly in everything we do - System Programmer is the result of our focus


To program using System Programmer, you only need to know one Language - English

Click on the link below, which shows the structure and code of a working System Programmer, program

The program displays the output on the screen at the specified locations, using the Styles defined in the Style section


Click here to see System Programmer in Action


intelligible syntax


We use named and RGB colours (16 million)

We use Percentages for positioning data on the screen

We use Precentages for Font Sizes


great styling options for



Image Buttons

Text Buttons

Input Data Items

Radio Buttons

Table Headers

Table Rows

Horitonal and Vertical Lines


manage your data

Collect Input Data from your Screen

Read, Write, or Update Datasets

Open and Close Datasets

Manage multiple Datasets



define your temporary Data Items in Scratchpad

The Name

The Length

The Type

The Value

clear logic and precise syntax


Button Release

Button Press

If Statements


Create Data Records

Create Data Items

Copy Data Items

Clear Data Items

Load more Programs

Send Data Items from Program to Program


how an input program works 

Design your screen Layout

Apply a style to your Windows, Labels, Input Data Items, Image Buttons, Text Buttons, Radio Buttons, Table Headings, and Table Rows

Define your Datasets, Data Records, and Data Items

Create the Logic

Compile the Program

Copy Input Data Items from the Screen to Scratchpad

Instruct the Program what to do with the Data


Kauricone - Application Server, Cluster Server, or Tiny/ML Server

Kauricone - System Programmer Download

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Perpetual Licence $1,995 per licence


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