Kauricone Interface Operating System

and Office Suite

for Security and Productivity

Kauricone have built Interface, a new Business Operating System and Office Suite,

to make your work more secure and productive

The Interface Business Office Suite of software lets you begin work immediatly


Interface Is





Interface Home Features

Quick Launch your Main Programs

Menu Bar to Launch Programs

Status Bar for Monitoring your Computer

Manage your Print Queue

Volume Control

Choose your Network Connection



Easily Manage Folders and Files

Add, Copy, Delete, Move, Rename Folders

Copy, Delete, Move, Rename Files



My Computer Features

Maintain your Desktop Background

Customise your Menu Bar

Manage your Power

Backup your System

Set up Dual Screens

Monitor your Computer


Interface Business 1225 Support

Supported until 31st December 2025


Buy Interface Business 1225 Bundle

Order Interface Business 1225, Office Suite, Creative Suite, and Kauricone PC for $1,450.00

Please note, this is a pre-release Beta Version of Interface Business 1225 which is functional, but still in development


Order Interface Business 1225 Bundle Here

You receive this Software:

Interface Business 1225

Web Browser

Your receive this Office Suite

Word Processor



Your receive this Creative Suite

Screenshot (Screen Capture)

Gimp (Image Editor)

Ristretto (Image Viewer)

Media Player (VLC)

You receive this Hardware:

Kauricone PC, ARM RK3588S Processor, 8 Cores, 8GB RAM, 64GB Storage,

Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, 1 * USB C, 2 *USB 3, HDMI, SD Card Slot,

Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse,

Curved HDMI Monitor 27", HDMI Cable

Kauricone PCKeyboard MouseSamsung Curved Monitor



Interface Business Screen Images


Interface Home

Menu Bar

Interface Menu Bar

Status Bar

Status Bar

Folder Manager

Folder Maintenance



File Maintenance - Select a File from Check Box

File Maintenance - Select a File

My Computer

Interface My Computer


Interface Programs

Print Queue

Interface Print Queue

Volume Control

Interface Volume


Interface Connections

Dual Screens

Dual Screens

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