About Kauricone

Karuicone began building efficent, fast and elegant server because like the airline industry, traditional servers contribute an astonishing 3% of global carbon emissions.

Manufacture of tech hardware is diminishing our global reserves of rare earth elements

Driven to do more with less, and by a deep concern regarding the impact to E-Waste and carbon emissions, Kauricone curates the best in innovative technology to build powerful, compact, eco-friendly servers - minus the fancy case

Unconventional - yes, but better for people, the planet, and business

With a physical footprint a fraction the size of a traditional server, yet powerful enough to run any business, Kauricone servers use less rare earth elements, create less waste, and use less electricity.

Each server is fast, reliable, easy to run, easy to program, has a longer warranty, and a longer life span.

So much so that at end-of-life Kauricone closes the loop, our servers are returnable for redeployment rather than landfill

And then....

Having already developed low-cost-low power edge hardware solutions, Kauricone realised there was a big opportunity for the application of smart computing in some decidedly not-so-enjoyable everyday tasks,

After all, Kauricone had all the basic building blocks already: the hardware, the programming capability, and with good mobile network coverage, the connectivity.

Kauricone began experimenting with these ARM based efficient processors which were optimised for machine learning (what we call Neural Processors), and decided that these servers were ideal for Machine Learning solutions

Potentially, there are as many use cases as you have dull but necessary tasks in the world,” Mike Milne, founder of Kauricone notes".

“So far, we've tackled a few".

Rocks on roads are dangerous, but monitoring thousands of kilometers of tarmac comes at a cost.

Construction waste is extensive, bad for the environment and should be managed better.

Scooters used to transport criminals into car parks, break into the cars, then use the scooter as get away vehicle can be identified using Machine Learning.

Sheep are plentiful and not always in the right paddock. And pests put New Zealand's biodiversity at risk.

And then......

Kauricone had always wanted to build a new desktop Operating System to run on their ARM based, fast, efficient processors


Mike Milne says "We had no language to build it in, so we developed our own Natural Language Processor written in English we call System Programmer"

Karucone always had the view that computers should be easy to develop application programs, and embarking on a project to build its own Natural Language Procoessor written in English, was a natural, but challenging thing to do

Kauricone used Systsem Programmer to help buid our new Desktop Operating System called Interface (the interface between the hardware and the software on a computer) says Mine

And now....

Kauricone are focussing on adding quality design and elegance to our products says Mike Milne



About the Name

The Kauri is a native tree of New Zealand, much treasured by New Zealander's and in particular by Mike Milne the founder fo Kauricone.

The Kauri Cone is the golf ball size seed of the giant Kauri.

On polination the cone breaks into thousands of small winged seeds. In the right conditions the seed germinates and over hundreds of years will grow into the majestic Kauri Tree.

Mike Likens the Kauri to his servers, in small things there is great strength.

Kauricone. Efficient in every way

Engineered and built in New Zealand

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